Dreary Beautiful


Pear blossoms in the rain. Soon I’ll wake up to a beautiful flowering tree.

There are a few awesome upcycling projects I want to get started on, so I was a little bummed when I woke up to see that it was raining yet again. I’ll have to wait for a sunny day or two so I can get my projects underway.

We all need rain to grow.

But I decided to get outside with my camera anyways and  get a few rainy day photos.


Not afraid of a little weather.

It’s just the reality of life in the Pacific Northwest so I might as well find the beauty in this dreary weather.


Pea sprouts growing as I watch.

My DIY vegetable garden is just starting to sprout and it’s so satisfying to watch the progress of these little plant babies.


Rain can make the mundane things magical.

I love how the natural wood texture looks glossy and varied in the rain.


Moss is nature’s decoration.

And this is our peely old fence. We seriously need to replace it, but up close it looks kinda charming. A reminder to look at things with an open mind.

Weeds can be pretty too.

Even weeds can be pretty with the right attitude!


Weeds or flowers? It’s all a matter of perspective.


It is beautiful to the bees!

Whatever you are facing today, don’t be afraid of a little rain.


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