Crochet T-Shirt Rug Tutorial

I’ve been working on a large crochet rag rug for upwards of two months now and still going strong, so I put together a video tutorial for those of you who want to learn how to start your own rag rug. (I’ll have to share an update when I finally get mine finished)

A side note: Don’t be dissuaded by the word “crochet” in the title. I’m really not a crocheter, but I was able to figure out enough to make some good headway on this little rag rug project and it was really quite simple. If you want to figure it out, you definitely can.

How to Crochet a T-Shirt Yarn Rag Rug


I love that with this method you can choose contrasting or complimenting colors of t-shirt yarn and regular yarn to use together and really add a pop of color to your project.

If you decide to make a larger rug like the one I’m doing, you will probably have to spend some time blocking the rug once you get it finished to make it lie flat.

This method can also be used to create other items such as:

  • drink coasters
  • pot holders
  • hot pads or trivets
  • place mats
  • cat beds
  • mats for house plants
  • small bathroom rugs

And whatever else your creative mind comes up with!


Here is my rag rug mid-process.

Whenever I work on my rag rug project, I remember reading about Laura and Mary making braided rag rugs in the Little House on the Prairie book series when I was a kid. I was so fascinated by how different everything was. Back then, that was really the only way to get a new rug or carpet for your house when you needed one. Only the very rich would be able to purchase something like that already made. I’m thankful our house has cozy, warm carpets here in the (often) dreary Pacific Northwest. Life has changed so much.

But I think we can learn something by looking back at how our ancestors lived. They didn’t throw anything away. Absolutely everything they owned had a purpose, and when it had outlived its purpose, it was made into something else to use and enjoy and add comfort to life. I’m not saying that we all need to start living in this starkly minimalist way again, but we certainly should reevaluate how much waste we each produce just going about our usual business. Whenever we can reuse and relove something we already possess rather than throwing it away and buying something new, we are reducing our individual waste impact.


Here’s one last photo of my rag rug with a lovely accent beagle!


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