T-shirt Yarn Projects to Try

I’ve searched the interwebs to put together this list of my favorite projects using t-shirt yarn! (If you want even more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board)

I love that all of these projects can made from recycled materials. It is super easy to make your own recycled t-shirt yarn. In case you missed it, here is my post on how to make your own t-shirt yarn.

Not only are these all wonderfully reloved items, but they are also classy, fun, colorful, useful and customizable to your personal taste and most of them would be great as gifts.

Square Basket

If you can crochet, check out this pattern for a square basket crocheted from t-shirt yarn. This would look awesome on a table or coffee table. (Note that the original pattern is not in English, but you can translate it using Google Translate)

Crochet basket

Knit Pillow

This awesomely chunky t-shirt yarn pillow is for the knitters! I didn’t find many knitting projects for t-shirt yarn (probably tough to do because of the bulkiness) but this one is a winner!

knit pillow

Plant Hangers

These look super easy to make! If you can tie a knot, I’d recommend giving it a try. I’m picturing several of them in different bright colors hanging around my porch this summer.

Take a look at these darling t-shirt yarn plant hangers.

plant hanger


Can’t keep your hair out of your face while you craft or work in the garden? Try out these t-shirt yarn headbands! These would be amazing to make with (or for) your kids as well.


Rosette Necklace

I love how simple and comfortable this t-shirt yarn rosette necklace looks. It could be made all in one color or with a variety of colors to suit your style.Tshirt DIY necklace

Fluffy Rug

If you have a lot of time on your hands and want an awesomely dense and fluffy rug, check out this t-shirt rug tutorial. It looks like heaven for the feet! You could probably make a smaller version if you don’t have as much time to spare. The post says that it is an easy skill level, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

t shirt rug

Dog Chew Toy

This one is awesome! If you are an animal lover, or if you have friends who are animal lovers, you should give this t-shirt yarn dog toy a shot. The pattern reminds me of those woven plastic keychains we all made at summer camp as kids. Not too difficult!

dog toy

Pom Poms

If you are hosting a shower or a birthday party soon, these t-shirt yarn pom poms are adorable and I have to say, very classy! To be honest, I didn’t realize just how classy a t-shirt could be before I started researching uses for t-shirt yarn. Love it.

Pom Poms

Hot Pads

These nifty crochet t-shirt yarn trivets are the perfect gift for your tea-drinking friend. This one is a pattern that costs $2.47 so if you want to make this one it would be a minor splurge.

crochet hot pads

Tassel Garland

If you end up with a lot of neutral colors of t-shirt yarn this garland would be an amazing addition to a nursery or child’s room, craft room, teen bedroom, or anywhere else in your home that you want to look exceptionally romantic and breezy. (This pattern will also need to be translated, but you can just click the handy Google Translate button and let them do all the work)


Neon Bowls

I love these little fabric bowls from The Red Thread. These could easily be made using your new t-shirt yarn. These would be perfect to hold all the little odds and ends on my crafting desk. Maybe I’ll give it a try!


Have you ever made a project you loved out of t-shirt yarn?

Comment below if you decide make any of these projects or invent one of your own!


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