Ratty Patio Update

We really need to completely replace our current back patio, but to be honest that’s just not high on the home improvement priority list. But my point is, since we are planning to tear it out eventually anyways, why not do something a little offbeat and exciting and add some color to an otherwise super ugly random assortment of uneven bricks and pavers?

DSC_0374So I started by scraping off the dirt and moss that have built up on the pavers over the winter and sweeping it off as thoroughly as I could. (It wasn’t a super thorough cleaning job in general, but I’m proud of myself for trying at least)

DSC_0376Then I got out some masking tape and taped off some random squares. I was feeling a little bit Piet Mondrain and just went with it.

DSC_0384I checked out my odds-and-ends-of-spray-paint-left-over-from-other-projects collection, and decided I’d just go ahead and use all of the different colors I had on hand. Why not? Once I used up all the paint I was able to recycle the empty cans, which was nice. I hate throwing something away before it’s 100% empty and spray paint can be a tough one to use 100% of without misjudging how much you needed for a project and having to go back and buy another whole can.

DSC_0382I don’t think it turned out too bad! I mean, it can’t be worse than it already was. And now it’s colorful. So, definitely better than before.

DSC_0380The masking tape actually didn’t stick that well to the concrete, so I used a straight piece of cardboard I dug out of the recycling bin as a guide as I went along the edges to get the sides straight. One of the squares didn’t turn out as perfect as I was hoping, but I might go back later and clean up the edges a bit.

DSC_0398I feel like it adds a needed splash of color to kind of a weird/boring part of our yard. And hey, my toddler likes it! Maybe we will actually start hanging out on the patio now.


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