T-Shirt Yarn Easter Basket

Another t-shirt yarn project in honor of Easter coming up this weekend! I realized yesterday that I haven’t put any thought into an Easter basket or goodies for my daughter, and I didn’t want to make an impulse buy so I decided to put my creative energy to use and get out my hot glue gun.

fullsizeoutput_147dI dug out a few of the more Easter-y colors of shirts from my fabric collection and cut them into strips each about a foot long.

fullsizeoutput_147cThen I braided them all into one long continuous braid. The braiding took a little time, so I put on my current Netflix obsession and set up my craft supplies on the coffee table. It was done in maybe half an hour or a little less.

fullsizeoutput_147eAfter the braid was completed I got out my hot glue gun and started glueing the braid into a circle, winding it around a little bit at a time and allowing it to naturally start to curve upward into a basket shape when it wanted to.

I went back every so often and tugged at the completed parts, making sure everything was well put together and adding a bit more glue where ever it was needed to make sure it would be decently sturdy.

fullsizeoutput_1482As I continued wrapping and glueing, and neared the end of the braid, I kept back twice as long as I wanted the basket’s handle to be, and doubled it up and glued it together in the middle to create a wider handle. I then glued the ends of the handle on the inside edges of the basket, making sure it was well secured.

fullsizeoutput_147fI love the braided texture and rustic uniqueness of this basket. Maybe I will knit up some soft toy easter eggs to go with it.

My toddler found her basket this morning and carried her sippy cup around in it for quite awhile and it held up well. I’m glad she likes it!

Let me know in the comments if you made your own Easter baskets this year!

I also ordered these plant-based Eco Eggs so we can do a little egg hunt on Sunday! I’m planning to save them and reuse them for next year.

What are some of your favorite sustainable or DIY holiday traditions?


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