Charity Giraffe Stuffed Toy

I find that crafting for charity is very rewarding, as I can enjoy the creative process as well as the idea that the item I’m making will go on to bless and encourage someone in need. It also provides me with a constant creative outlet without having to save every single item that I craft. (The struggle is real)

Finding a solid local non-profit to support is wonderful because of the chance it gives you to have a relationship with the people you are helping, and to become involved  in your own community in other ways as time goes on. I’ve been crafting for a wonderful non-profit called Step By Step that supports mothers and babies in need in my immediate local area.

I also like the idea that each item I create with love, care, and prayer will go directly into the hands of a mother or child in my community. I may never know the full effects of this, but to me it makes it all much more personal than sending it off somewhere.

Recently the leaders of Step By Step reached out to request more of my fabric stuffed toys to sell at a Mother’s Day fundraiser event coming up, so I thought I’d include you in my process and share my simple sewing pattern with you.


I like to use colorful vintage fabrics or fabric scraps left over from other projects and salvaged clothing items that my family no longer uses, because I think it adds character and makes each item more unique. Many of the fabric scraps I’m using today are from my grandmother’s fabric collection which has sentimental value for me. Plus it’s free!

I drew up the pattern for these toys myself, and I’m making it available to you for free as a printout in case you want to make any of your own for your kids, for charity, or for gifts. (I do kindly ask that you refrain from selling my pattern or items made with it, as it’s my original work and I want it to be given freely)



First you will want to print out the pattern in the desired size (my giraffes are about 6 inches tall) and cut out the pattern.

Then choose your fabric and fold and pin it into two layers with the right sides facing each other. Using the paper giraffe pattern, trace the shape onto the fabric and cut it out carefully, cutting through both layers of fabric.


Make sure both layers are pinned securely together, then sew around the outer edge of the giraffe , leaving an opening of an inch to an inch and a half for the stuffing.


Turn the giraffe right side out and add the stuffing or polyfill through the opening in the back. Be careful to make sure it gets into the ears, head, and legs and adjust the amount of stuffing to desired firmness or softness.


Once you have it the way you want it, stitch up the little opening in the back by hand in a coordinating thread color as shown.


…And repeat as desired!


Click here to download and print the pattern for your own use

What is your favorite local charity or non-profit in your area? Comment below and let me know why!


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