Reloved Sweater Pillow

So I love this sweater, but I’ve just put it in the dryer one too many times and it’s really no longer an adult sized sweater. Something about a sweater/belly shirt combo just isn’t practical no matter what climate you live in.

I haven’t had the heart to just throw it away or donate it, so I decided to finally put it to a better use. A pillow!


First I cut off the sleeves (and saved them for a future project of course!) and trimmed the sweater carefully into a square shape.


I left the little ribbed bottom edge area on for now, because I was hoping that it would help make for a nice straight seam along the bottom once the pillow was stuffed.


Then I turned it inside out with the good sides facing each other, and sewed along the 3 sides while leaving the bottom hem area open.

I made sure to sew around once more with a nice zig zag stitch to make it sturdy, because sweaters have a habit of unraveling if they get the opportunity.


I turned the “sweater” right side out again and poked the corners out square.


…and tucked in the ribbed hem at the bottom, and voila! A nice straight line that won’t unravel, just as I was hoping.


Here it is stuffed with some polyfill. I sewed the bottom edge closed by hand with a matching thread.


It turned out super soft and cozy! (Ignore the ugly baby gate in the background. My house is basically a daycare at this point)


Now I just have to decide where to keep it. Maybe I’ll even make it a friend with a different sweater that’s just not my favorite anymore.

How have you upcycled your old sweaters? Let me know in the comments!



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