About Me


Hey. It’s Jenny.

I’m just a creative sort who is taking steps to reduce waste by reloving the old and making it new and useful again. Hopefully some of my projects will inspire you to start your own upcycling fun.

I thrive in places that are peaceful, comfortable, clean and colorful. Disorder stresses me out, so naturally one of my passions is creating space for my family that is relaxing, fun and unique on a budget. That includes creating (hopefully) non-tacky kid stuff for my daughter, an inviting garden area and yard to get my family spending time outdoors, and a cozy house to hibernate in over the “rainy season” while we all try not to go crazy.
I have too many hobbies, so you’ll see a wide variety of posts about crafting related projects. Some of those hobbies are knitting, sewing, a little crocheting, painting, gardening, anything with a hot glue gun… Oh! And I just started trying to teach myself artsy hand lettering so I can make some cool signs. (Based on how things are going, you probably won’t see any posts about that for awhile)
Plus probably some more hobbies I can’t remember at the moment. Like I said, too many hobbies.
I also like to take time to think, pray, and write out my thought process. Now that I have a child, I realized that I care a lot more about what kind of legacy I’m leaving for the next generation. I want to be a good steward of the earth God created, and take excellent care of the resources that are within my power to influence. We aren’t perfect at this, but I’m on a mission to help my family reduce, reuse, and relove the things we’ve been given in practical, livable ways. (I don’t wash out our used potato chip bags and reuse them or anything) But maybe someday we will get solar panels to power hubby’s video games? We’ll see.
My home is in the Pacific Northwest where I live with an adopted Beagle/Springer Spaniel mix, a crazy toddler, my super cool husband and myself.
Follow along for inspiration and let me know what rad projects or new skills you’d like to see me try next!